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Privacy Statement

What is it about?
We obtain various personal data
1 in our practice. Here you will find the relevant information
in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Who are we?

Praxis Sihlbogen AG, Leimbachstrasse 23, 8041 Zurich

What personal data do we collect?
In addition to the information you give us yourself (through what you tell us, through our
registration form and what you do on our website
2 and in our practice), we may also obtain
information about you from third party sources, namely:
- Information concerning you from your health insurance company or other insurers
- credit information
- requests concerning you that we receive from third parties (e.g. an insurance report)
- receipts or medical records concerning you

Will personal data be transferred abroad?
No, this is not planned.

For what purposes do we collect personal data?
- Communication with you
- Keeping your medical history
- Marketing (e.g. mailings)
- Compliance with laws
- Billing, collection from you or your insurance company
- Preparing reports for your insurance company
- Referrals to hospitals and other medical service providers
- Training, instruction and further education of our employees
- We would inform you separately about other purposes


To whom do we disclose personal data?
- Service providers who process your data partly on our behalf
3 and partly on their own responsibility
  (insurance companies, external laboratories).
- Authorities (e.g. debt collection office)
- Third parties who collect data about you via our website


What are your rights?
Among other things, you have the right to informatio
n and to correct incorrect data. Please
contact us at .


1 Your personal data is any information that relates to you and can identify you directly or indirectly (e.g. via the Internet) (e.g. name, email address, telephone number).

2 If you surf our website, for example, your IP address, your browser type, the address from which you were referred, will automatically be captured

3 e.g. Medidata AG in Root for invoicing and forwarding to the TrustCenter; OneDoc SA in Geneva for appointment booking and -management; hawadoc AG in Winterthur as TrustCenter; medica med. Laboratorien Dr. F. Käppeli AG in Zurich for laboratory analyses.

4 On our website, you may be recognized and tracked with so-called cookies and similar techniques during your use. You can restrict, block and delete these cookies in your browser

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