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Your gynecologists in Zurich-Leimbach

Easily accessible from Adliswil, Wollishofen, Langnau a/A

  • Gynecological check-up

  • Ultrasound examination: uterus, ovaries and breast

  • Clarification of breast diseases

  • Clarification of symptoms on the external genitals / vulva

  • Clarification of mutations in the cervix
    (portio / cervical dysplasia)

  • Follow-up examinations after treatment of gynecological cancer

  • Contraceptive advice / family planning

  • Insertion and removal of IUDs:
    Hormonal IUDs and Copper IUDs / Copper Chain

  • Insertion and removal of contraceptive rods (hormon implant)

  • Teen consultation hours / youth gynaecology

  • Clarifications for childlessness

  • menopause counseling

  • hormone substitute treatments

  • Urinary incontinence advice

  • Clarification and therapy in relation to bladder diseases and prolapsed diseases (urogynaecology)

  • women's diseases in general

Sandra Bloch
Dr. Sandra Bloch
gynecology and obstetrics
Dr. med. Brigitte Isler
Dr. Brigitte Isler
(excluding obstetrics)
Mangold_Marie-Luise - Web.jpg
Dr. Marie-Luise Schneider
gynecology and obstetrics
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