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Dr. Eva Rausch
family doctor

General medicine family doctor

General medicine

Your family doctor in Zurich-Leimbach

  • All family doctor services, eg for illnesses such as flu, stomach ache, sore throat, tinnitus, back pain, migraine, infections, gastrointestinal disorders, burnout or minor accidents

  • emergency consultations

  • chronic diseases

  • urology

  • venous and arterial diseases

  • Infiltrations (joints, tendon sheaths)

  • minor surgery and wound care of all kinds

  • vaccinations

  • medical check-up (cardiovascular system, metabolism)

  • Traffic medical check-ups for all categories (levels 1-3)

  • Nutritional advice (together with Stefanie Sprecher, nutritionist)

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists and therapists if required

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